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Sierra LSV AX4 - Electric - Street Legal Golf Cart

Sierra LSV AX4 - Electric - Street Legal Golf Cart

SKU: GS24704H

The Sierra LSV Four Facing Forward lithium-powered street-legal golf cart boasts an array of impressive features and specifications designed for both safety and convenience. Key features include four forward-facing seats, a 9" LCD display, an on-board charger, a backup camera, and a rear seat kit. The cart is equipped with a robust 125ah Lithium Life PO4 battery, 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, and 3" speakers for an enhanced driving experience. Additional conveniences include a wireless cell phone charger, an 80" top with roof handles, seat belts, and LED side mirrors. Safety is further ensured with a turn signal kit featuring high/low beams and a tinted fold-down windshield. In terms of specifications, the Sierra LSV has an overall weight of 1,036 lbs, a length of 9'8", a width of 49.5", and a height of 80.3". It is powered by a 5kw AC motor and a 105ah - 48v lithium battery, providing a range of 25-32 miles depending on tire type. The vehicle achieves a top speed of 25 mph and a low speed of 15 mph, with a frame made of aluminum and steel cross members for added durability. The 15 amp battery charger fully charges the cart in 6-7 hours, while the 9" LCD smart screen keeps all essential information easily accessible.


    • Four facing forward seating
    • 9" LCD Display
    • On Board Charger
    • Back Up Camera
    • Rear Seat Kit
    • 4 Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brake
    • 125ah Lithium Life PO4
    • 3" Speakers
    • Wireless Cell Phone Charger
    • 80" Top with Roof Handles
    • Seat Belts
    • LED Side Mirrors
    • Turn Signal Kit with High/Low Beams
    • Tinted Fold Down Windshield

    • Overall Weight - 1,036 lbs
    • Overall Length - 9' - 8"
    • Overall Width - 49.5"
    • Overall Height - 80.3"
    • Battery - Lithium 105ah - 48v
    • Motor - 5kw AC
    • Brakes - 4 Wheel Hydraulic Disc
    • Range - 25-32 Miles (Depending on tire type)
    • Top speed / low speed - 25 mph/15 mph
    • Frame - Aluminum frame with steel cross members
    • Battery charger - 15 amp (6 - 7 hrs charge time)
    • Display - 9" LCD Smart Screen


Color: Black Diamond