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Updated: May 6

shuttle golf carts

Picture this. You’re walking down the terminal in the airport and all of the sudden something whizzes past you carrying an entire happy family, ready for there vacation. You feel excited, joyful, and, possibly, a bit jealous. They’re getting smaller and smaller in the distance, while you’re stuck using your legs. This is a common occurrence when you see electric carts at the airport.

There are plenty of places, like airports, that have the need for all types of electric golf carts. Whether they are looking to move a large group of people or get from one place to another in an efficient manner, our larger electric vehicles can provide the perfect solution. Let’s review some of these situations below.


Getting around the airport can be a hassle. There’s no question that it can be even more of a hassle if you or someone you are traveling with requires assistance to get around. As we mentioned above, it’s not uncommon to see electric carts transporting people around airport terminals. Many people will catch themselves wondering, how do I reserve an electric cart?

If you or a companion need assistance getting from baggage or security to your gate, you can contact the airline you are flying with ahead of time. They will be able to provide you with assistance to get around your airport. Depending on the airline, you could be riding around in something as nice as the 4-passenger models or 6-passenger models from any of our street legal electric carts, or our shuttle carts.


Have you ever been to a business campus that is enormous? It can get exhausting just trying to get from building to building. Many people will find themselves wishing they could have been chauffeured from one meeting to another meeting. This is critical if they are across campus from one another. Electric vehicles are perfect for navigating such a scenario!

Maybe you are taking a tour of a large business campus or are being shown a prospective campus as part of an interview. Walking is nice for a little while, but sometimes you have had a long day or week and need some rest. There’s nothing quite like getting a nice tour in an electric vehicle. Icon EV’s entire selection of people movers is a wonderful solution.


If you have ever toured a college campus yourself or with a family member or friend, you know there is quite a bit of travel involved on campus. College campuses can be massive. While on such a tour, you would like to focus on the beauty of the campus and imagine yourself or your companions at the university.


These are just three of the many situations that could require an electric vehicle. Imagine what kind of short trips could be made easier by an electric vehicle. The possibilities are almost endless. Whatever situation that requires such a vehicle, our golf carts or shuttle golf carts are more than happy to accommodate customers.


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